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About Me

When asked to describe myself,  I often respond that I am a Merchant of Hope and a Future Facilitator. One of my greatest sources of satisfaction is helping someone build a life that is intentional, rewarding and the stuff that dreams are made of.

I am about relationship, teamwork and a building a Vision. Relationship and teamwork are central to the work I do as a non-profit professional and the work I do in other areas of my life. I enjoy using creativity to help individuals and teams manage change, set direction, and achieve their goals.

My life is rich and rewarding. I work with CSJ Ministries, the umbrella ministries organization of The Congregation of St. Joseph. Their Mission, “That All May Be One” contributes to my writing and my approach to the world. I’ve had the opportunity to be a leader in small and large non-profit and for-profit companies in a number of industries. My professional experience includes executive management, training and development, marketing, sales, recruitment, business ownership, education and improvisational comedy.


I grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and have worked or lived in all of the states around it. I love the impact of seasons and I find beauty in skyscrapers and wide-open fields. I'm a big-city girl with a small-town passion.

When I’m not working, I love to write. I have published books on Creating A Powerful Vision that were developed out of Vision Board Workshops I started offering in 2009. My books, “Building A Powerful Vision Board: A Path To Achieving Your Goals And What You Want In Life", and Building A Powerful Vison Planner: A One Year Guide to Creating a Life You Love” provide a process for helping you chart your course toward your Vision and Goals. You can find links to the books on my Resources page.

I am immersed in my next writing adventure, which is about holding fast to your Vision when life gets complicated. We are all dealing with challenges in these uncertain times. Also, I’m exploring a series of “short reads” on individual topics such as Clarity, Hope, Momentum, Vision, Belief, Determination, and Accomplishment.

I’d love for you to be a part of my creations, through my Blog (on my Homepage). Your comments and perspective are welcome.


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